Confessions of a Broken heart

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Im Kayla. I am 22. I can be very random. I love thunderstorms, and photography, summer days and being outside at night. I have so much more to me than most people ever stick around to learn.

Height: 5'10"
HW: 188
LW: 132
CW: 159
GW: 125

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Girls on their period be like


*i wanna die*
*why does nobody love me*
*i am perfect*
*i am ugly*
*i hate you*
*what is wrong with you*
*give me chocolate*
*ouch, my tummy hurts*
*i love you*
*i hate you*
*do you think i am beautiful*
*i am the worst person on the planet*
*i am worthless*
*i am so pretty*
*i am fat*
*where ā€˜s my chocolate*
*i am beautiful*

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Iā€™m proud of you <3


Every girl should get one of these. So, good morning all you beautiful girls šŸ˜Š


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