Confessions of a Broken heart

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Im Kayla. I am 22. I can be very random. I love thunderstorms, and photography, summer days and being outside at night. I have so much more to me than most people ever stick around to learn.
I do struggle with an eating disorder, I do NOT promote them or have anything to do with Pro-ana.
but my page isnt ABOUT my eating disorder, its about me, my feelings, my emotions and life's ups and downs. My best friend and I are currently restoring a historic home in Texas and turning it into a bakery downstairs! Having a blast doing that but staying busy! I also work on a lake, and have a second job working with autistic children. Life is crazy, life is beautiful, sometimes tragic, but always an adventure! So stick around for tales and come along for the ride!
Thanks for stopping by! ask me anything! I would love to talk!

Height: 5'10"
HW: 188
LW: 132
CW: 159
GW: 125

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Well this blog may be taking a slight turn in probably the right direction. :)

I’ve been dealing with my eating disorder for quite some time now, and have come to the realization that it’s never brought me happiness, yes I lose weight, then I go through crazy binging sessions and gain it back, suffering for nothing has become quite exhausting to say the least! So this week I joined the gym, and I have been making myself have at least one meal a day (very healthy) and when I feel ok I’m having two. Yes I know that’s not healthy but in working on it and it’s progress. I’ve been at the gym every day, I’m working on becoming a stronger me, physically and mentally! I am going to need a lot of support through all of this.
I’m tired of feeling week, that’s always been what I thrive on, that feeling when you get dizzy cause it’s been 3 days since your last meal? I’ve always loved that feeling. But now I’m making myself change that. I want to feel weak from a kickass workout but then afterward feel stronger because of it! I want to be strong, I want to be healthy, I want to live. So where you use to see thinspo and posts about how long it’s been since I ate last, hopefully now you’ll be seeing fitspo, healthy meals, workout plans, and a better me.

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Joined a gym this week, can’t wait to have a nice body like this!

hey there! what part of texas are you from??

East Texas, not far from louisana :)

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My crazy rainbow curls!

Maybe a little obsessed with foot jewelry


Daily dose of love quotes here

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Depression does not always mean
Beautiful girls shattering at the wrists
A glorified, heroic battle for your sanity
Or mothers that never got the chance to say good-bye

Sometimes depression means
Not getting out of bed for three days
Because your feet refuse to believe
That they will not shatter upon impact with the floor

Sometimes depression means
That summoning the willpower
To go downstairs and do the laundry
Is the most impressive thing you accomplish that week

Sometimes depression means
Lying on the floor staring at the ceiling for hours
Because you cannot convince your body
That it is capable of movement

Sometimes depression means
Not being able to write for weeks
Because the only words you have to offer the world
Are trapped and drowning and I swear to God I’m trying

Sometimes depression means
That every single bone in your body aches
But you have to keep going through the motions
Because you are not allowed to call in to work depressed

Sometimes depression means
Ignoring every phone call for an entire month
Because yes, they have the right number
But you’re not the person they’re looking for, not anymore


by “Alexandra” Tilton, NH (Teen Ink: November 2013 Issue)

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From my photoshoot this week.