Confessions of a Broken heart

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Im Kayla. I am 22. I can be very random. I love thunderstorms, and photography, summer days and being outside at night. I have so much more to me than most people ever stick around to learn.
I do struggle with an eating disorder, I do NOT promote them or have anything to do with Pro-ana.
but my page isnt ABOUT my eating disorder, its about me, my feelings, my emotions and life's ups and downs. My best friend and I are currently restoring a historic home in Texas and turning it into a bakery downstairs! Having a blast doing that but staying busy! I also work on a lake, and have a second job working with autistic children. Life is crazy, life is beautiful, sometimes tragic, but always an adventure! So stick around for tales and come along for the ride!
Thanks for stopping by! ask me anything! I would love to talk!

Height: 5'10"
HW: 188
LW: 132
CW: 159
GW: 125

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Baked Sweet Potato filled with roasted vegetables & chicken…RECIPE

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Calling all Women who Lift


Filling my board with beauties of all shapes and sizes and fitness levels who LIFT! Reblog and I will follow… Happily :-) Here is to a 2014 filled with iron

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